Not An Average Webinar

Why We’re Unique

At Fundraising Everywhere we’re committed to creating an experience – just because you’re watching online doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re watching alone.

You won’t find a continuous stream of bland videos or sessions filmed from the back of a room here.

Each conference is curated specially so you feel like the speaker is in the room with you,

teaching you the skills you actually need to raise more money at your charity in an atmosphere you enjoy.

Live Hosting & Interaction

Your Fundraising Everywhere hosts are online during every conference to take your questions, interview speakers, and connect our virtual world to your real one.

Direct to Camera Delivery

All sessions are delivered straight to camera, every time.No cameras placed in a conference room for you to watch later. Our speakers are talking directly to you and are online to answer your questions.


Fundraising Everywhere have one rule: every session ran through our platform must be subtitled. Recordings can be watched in any language.


Our Fundraising Everywhere platforms hosts text and video chat functions so you can get to know your fellow delegates during the conference and beyond from the comfort of your own home!


Our conferences are priced so if your training budget can’t stretch to a ticket price you can fund it yourself.If you’d still struggle we offer bursaries, and small charities always go free!

All of Our Speakers Are Paid

All of our conference speakers and team are paid for their time.We believe in the invest of great ideas and paying our speakers means you get top quality content every time.