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Alex & Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz


Power & Priviliege Worksheet

Tanya Rumble & Nicole McVan

Power & Priviliege Slides

Tanya Rumble & Nicole McVan

Tips for virtual event success

Uncovering the secrets to Virtual Event success

How to create engaging virtual events

How to harness livestreaming’s fundraising power

How fitness apps can increase your donations

5 Steps To Value Creation For Virtual Events

A Simple Guide to Developing Your Digital Strategy

Charity Digital

#BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day

Charity Digital

Fundraising Platform Price Comparison Chart

Charity Digital

How To Run A Virtual Awards slides

Simon Burton

Reflections: Gaming for Good

Kirsten Naudé

Bonus Sessions

Virtual Fundraising: How to leverage fitness tracking and achieve fundraising success

Virtual event fundraising: practical tips for successful events

Event fundraising during a pandemic

Get some inspiration from the Charity Virtual Event Awards 2020

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Why do people in take part in sponsored events?

Jonathan Cook

Big impact, small budget

Diveesha Shahani, Lawrence WIlson, Rachel Finch

Facebook Groups for Events/virtual hand raisers

Ronan McCay

Future of Challenge events

Jill O’Herlihy

Rapid, Digital Resilience on a Budget

Mimi Morrill, Nick Wyatt, Raabia Fazil

5 reasons to be positive about virtual community fundraising

Dulcie Ireland

How to Use Short-Form Video for Fundraising Success

Michael Hoffman

POWER SESSION: Ultimate Guide highlights

Simon Scriver

Lessons learned from moving our partnerships activation online

Charlie Baxter

Hybrid event planning

Nikki Bell

Where to go next when scaling your virtual event?

Maddy Janes

How To Set Up An Integrated Fundraising Campaign

Emma Smith

5 tips for creating a successful fundraising event

Fiona Kelly

How to get started with gaming

Kirsten Zara Naudé

How to Organise a Virtual Quiz

Jay Flynn and Alex Holmes

How To Ace Your Radio 4 Appeal

Joanna Bega

How to Navigate Privilege and Power Dynamics in Virtual Fundraising Part 1

Tanya Rumble & Nicole McVan

How to Navigate Privilege and Power Dynamics in Virtual Fundraising Part 2

Tanya Rumble & Nicole McVan

Finding Success (and Sponsors) Through Linkedin

Sonya Barlow

How To Organise Virtual Awards

Simon Burton

How One Organization More Than Tripled Their Events Revenue With Their Online Gala

Tamara Tripp

How To Run A Virtual Auction

Zoe Elliot

5 Steps to Value Creation for Virtual Events

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