Fundraising Everywhere Foundation’s

first funding round now open!

As part of our first Trust Fundraising Virtual Summit on 4th December 2020 we are delighted to say that we are setting up our own Foundation. The Fundraising Everywhere Foundation will be giving away real grants during the conference. We are now inviting you to submit applications to our inaugural funding round.

The Fundraising Everywhere Foundation’s aim is simple – to help charities to be the best they can be.

In pursuit of this aim we are happy to fund charitable organisations working anywhere in the world, and in any field. We are also happy to fund any costs that enable you to do what you do best – project costs, capital costs or core costs.

Our maximum grant for this funding round is currently €1,500.

Applications are now being accepted via our online application form. The deadline for applications is 5pm (GMT) on 30th September. However, in the event that we receive a large number of applications before this point we may have to close the application process earlier.

So how will it work?

Before you apply, there are some important things you need to know.

While we are delighted to be able to make these grants available this is, first and foremost, a learning exercise. We want to give people attending our Trust Fundraising Virtual Summit the experience of reviewing applications and making funding decisions in a group setting.

We will shortlist applications and choose 5 to go forward to the grant-making stage. We will aim to balance the shortlist so that we have a diverse range of organisations and causes represented.

The final decisions will be made by ticket bookers for our Trust Fundraising Virtual Summit. Ticket bookers will have the chance to sign up for one of our virtual grant meetings. They will be sent the five shortlisted proposals in advance and will then have an hour to discuss the proposals and reach a decision on how to split the funding pot.

This means that:

  • If you apply and are shortlisted, the information provided in your application will be made available to ticket bookers of the Trust Fundraising Virtual Summit.
  • Video and audio footage of ticket bookers discussing your proposal will be included as part of the conference. This might include showing extracts of your application on screen.

Beyond the grants available we think this is a valuable opportunity to get feedback on your application and to see how effective it is at conveying your work to an outside audience. However, if you are not happy for your application to be shared with ticket bookers you should not apply to this funding round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be located in a certain country to apply?

No – this grant is available worldwide.


Are there restrictions on what can be funded?

No – as long as it fulfills our shared aim ‘to help charities to be the best they can be’.


Do I have to attend the conference to apply?

No – you may apply to this funding round regardless of whether or not you will be attending the conference. However, this is a learning exercise and attendance of the conference will allow you to fully understand the decision making process. Likewise, you can attend the conference without applying for funding.


How do we apply?

If you would like to apply to the Fundraising Everywhere Foundation you should complete our short online application form.

The form is created on Survey Monkey. We strongly recommend drafting your answers outside of the form and then copying them into the application form for submission as incomplete answers can’t be saved. (Don’t you hate funding application forms that you can’t save?)

The form contains the following questions:

1) Name of organisation

2) Contact Details

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • Your email address

3) Where does the majority of your organisation’s work take place? (City/Region/Country)

4) What sector does your organisation predominantly work in?

5) What was your organisation’s total income in the last financial year?

  • € 0 – 100,000
  • € 100,000 – 1million
  • € 1million – 10million
  • € 10million – 50 million
  • € 50million – 100million
  • € 100million+

6) Does your organisation identify as being:

  • BAME-led (Yes/No)
  • Disability-led (Yes/No)
  • Female-led (Yes/No)
  • LGBTQ+-led (Yes/No)
  • Youth-led (Yes/No)

7) Tell Tell us about your organisation – your mission, main activities and track record (no more than 300 words)

8) Tell us about the need your organisation seeks to address (no more than 500 words)

9) Tell us what you would like the Fundraising Everywhere Foundation to fund and how this will help your organisation be the best you can be (no more than 500 words)

10) Briefly summarise the costs our grant will cover. If our grant won’t cover the full cost, briefly summarise how you intend to cover the remaining costs.

In addition to the 10 questions above you also have the opportunity to include an additional attachment. There is no obligation to do so and we are not looking for any specific information. However, this is a chance for you to include any other information or supporting documents that you think would help the trustees in making a decision on your application. The attachment must be no longer than one side of A4 and must be submitted as a pdf. (Unfortunately, the trustees are not able to look at videos or links to external webpages).

Finally, you will be asked to confirm that, if shortlisted, you agree to the answers provided in the application form, together with any additional attachment, being made available to ticket bookers for the Trust Fundraising Virtual Summit as part of the decision-making process. You will also be asked to confirm that, if shortlisted, you understand that video footage of delegates discussing your application will be included as part of the conference, and that this might include extracts of your application appearing on screen.

Applications must be received by 5pm (GMT) on 30th September 2020. We retain the right to close the application process early if we receive more applications than can be considered. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications not completed through our online application form.

Good luck! We look forward to reading your application soon!