Trust fundraisers: it’s time to be bold!

The world is going hell in a handcart and Trust Fundraisers are going to have a massive part to play in clearing up the mess.

But our role can sometimes feel like the fundraising poor relation when it comes to training, support and understanding.

That’s why on 4th December 2020 Apollo Fundraising and Fundraising Everywhere are

bringing you the first international conference dedicated to Trust Fundraising.

Featuring sessions from trust fundraisers and funders from around the world, our aim is to give you

the skills, inspiration and confidence to be bold in the way we respond to the current challenges.

During the day we will look at a range of topics, including:

  • How we work with other teams within our own charity to get the information and support we need to be successful
  • How we build mutually-beneficial relationships with funders
  • How we get our message across in a way that stands out and resonates with trusts
  • How we build our own confidence and resilience
  • What we want the future of trust fundraising to look like and how we get there
  • What trust fundraising looks like from the perspective of funders
  • Plus you’ll see behind-the-scenes of our own grant-giving trust!

The conference will be broadcast online on Friday 4 December.

There will be two streams:

  • The “Ins” – looking at the work we do within our charities and how we develop the internal relationships and processes we need to succeed
  • The “Outs” – focusing on the relationships we build with funders and our role in forging connections with people outside of our charity

And that’s not all!

As part of the conference we will be setting up our own grant-giving trust and making some grants of our own.

You will have a chance to submit a proposal to the trust and 70 delegates will have the chance to step into the role of Trustee to help us decide how to award the grants.

Real applications.

Real projects.

Real grants.

There will also be bonus download sessions and resources included in your ticket. And don’t worry if you can’t join us on the day.

Ticket holders will get access to all the content for a further 30 days to enjoy the sessions at your leisure, wherever you are in the world.

Tickets are now on sale, with Early Bird discounts available.

So don’t be that fundraiser that leaves it until 1 minute before the deadline.

Book your place today!

Speakers & Sessions

Applying Behavioural Science

Richard Shotton

Founder, Astroten

Prospect Research – tracking and tracing opportunities in a COVID era

Julie Wood

Manager, Trusts and Foundations, Burnet Institute

Managing Relationships when things go wrong

Jennifer Ruthe

Charity Copywriter, Written by Jen

Using Logic Models to write better proposals

Shavonn Richardson

Founder, Think and Ink Grants

Not just a tick box: Bringing evaluation reports to life

Dr Adrian Field

Director, Dovetail

Anne Bateman

Director, Bateman Consulting

Agile Project Management for Fundraisers

Diane Leonard

Owner, DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services

Building Successful Long Term, Long Distance Relationships with Foundations

Anna Ferron Brooker

Senior Advisor, Global Foundations & Trusts, International Rescue Committee

How to measure and communicate success in trust fundraising

Chupa Phiri

Director, Oko Consultancy

Stewardship for the self through proper target setting

Caroline Danks

Director, LarkOwl

Bringing your whole self to work: or 13 things trusts fundraising and stand-up comedy have in common

Matt Zeqiri

Trusts and Grants Officer, Railway Children

Power to the People: How to Create An Inclusive Grantseeking Strategy

Lesa-Kaye Holtham

Senior Associate Director, National Catholic School of Social Service

Never More Needed: Confidence and Resilience in Trust Fundraising

Julia Ammon

Trusts Programme Manager, Blesma, The Limbless Veterans

How to build relationships with different types of foundations

Deanna Wolf Senior Consultant – Trust Fundraising Money Tree Fundraising

Bridging the gap between fundraising and finance

Melanie Jackson

CEO and Wordsmith-in-Chief, Words that Count

Brenda Swale

CEO and Senior Consultant, Ziyo

Ethics Bingo

Kimberly Hays de Muga

Owner, Hays de Muga Consulting

Amanda Day

Grant Consultant

How to become a trustee of a grant-giving foundation

Laura Solomons

Head of Donor Relations, The Sutton Trust

An Introduction to Ethical Storytelling

Rachel Goble

CEO The Freedom Story

Emily Worrall

Marketing and Communications Manager, Viamo

Genelle Aldred

Communications Strategist, Genelle Aldred Consultancy

Lessons and Reflections from the Fundraising Everywhere Foundation’s first funding round

Marina Jones

Head of Membership & Fundraising Campaigns, Royal Opera House

Laura Solomons

Head of Donor Relations, The Sutton Trust

David Burgess

Director, Apollo Fundraising

Whose Job Is It To Address the Power Imbalance Between Grant-makers and Grant-seekers?

Mickella Lewis-Purvis

Network Grants Fundraising Manager, Mind

Roxanne Nazir

Program Officer, Economic Justice Program, Open Society Foundations

Sunny Daly

Senior Officer for Philanthropic Partnerships, Mama Cash

Rajiv Khanna

Director of Philanthropic, Partnerships Thousand Currents

With Your Hosts

David Burgess

Olivia Andrews

Matt Zeqiri

Bethany M Planton

And bonus on-demand content

Fundraising Everywhere Foundation Trustee Meetings

Delegates will also have access to recordings of the ten “virtual trustee meetings” we have run.

These were designed to give people the chance to experience what it’s like to sit on the board of a grant-giving foundation. Delegates will be able to see what factors were important to different groups when it came to making their decision.

The “Global Trends” series

A series of one-to-one interviews, exploring global and regional trends in grant-making.

The interviews will be led by Deanna Wolf (Senior Consultant – Trusts, Money Tree Fundraising).

Interviewees include:

Carol Mack

CEO, Association of Charitable Foundations (UK)

Jacob Harold

Vice–Executive Vice President, Candid (USA)

Naila Farouky –

CEO, Arab Foundations Forum

Delphine Moralis –

CEO, European Foundation Centre

Mosun Layode

Executive Director, African Philanthropy Forum