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The Global Virtual Summit Supporting Charities Through COVID-19

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12 noon BST / 7am ET / 4am PST

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Intro…with Nikki

Plenary: “Resilience & Connection”

The importance of being flexible

Adapting your messaging for COVID-19

Digital mobilisation during COVID-19

Crafting digital campaigns

Virtual event experiences and social media

Becoming digital focused

Fighting crisis with content

Plenary: “Positive Opportunity in Change”

Intro…with Simon

Plenary: “Resilience & Connection”

How to re-pivot your strategy in a crisis.

How F2F Teams Are Responding

Engaging with HNWI in times of crisis

Coping in crisis: teams/board

How To Build Your Resilience…

Setting up a response task force

Changing plans with funders

Plenary: “Positive Opportunity in Change”