Project Everyone

The Global Virtual Summit Supporting Charities Through COVID-19

Fighting Crisis With Content

Chris Hall

Inboxes and news feeds are dominated by information about COVID-19. Everyday consumers are being inundated with letters from CEOs, service updates and special offers. It’s imperative that charities are able to carry on the amazing work during uncertain times, so, how can you ensure that your message is being heard in a time of heightened content saturation? Our session at Project Everyone shares the to-do and not-to-do’s when creating crisis content, how to make sure your audience receives your content and how to follow environmental and audience trends to remain accurate and relevant.

Chris has led Charity Digitals’ marketing initiatives for little over a year and has played an integral part in their platform growth and content production over the last 12 months, successfully launching their podcast series and first virtual conference – Digital Fundraising Day. Chris has always been interested in the tech for good space, previously working at numerous “start-ups with a cause” and Google, driving grass-roots media campaigns, customer acquisition and rapid organic growth strategies to build sustainable communities. Chris is also an avid climate change campaigner. He traveled to Antarctica in 2016 as a storyteller for US charity 2041 and has spoken about the expedition on numerous occasions, most notably at the United Nations as a Sharing Responsibility for the Planet panelist.