Relationships Are Everything – 28th October 2020


Everything you need to know about how to do relationship fundraising.

How to move from a reactional, transactional, “money-centered” approach – fundraising at people – to fundraising with people.

Proven approaches to decolonizing relationships and fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Yes, count me in!

The first ever global virtual summit dedicated to relationship fundraising powered by Fundraising Everywhere, and made possible thanks to support from the amazing Agents of Good, Bloomerang and Fundraiser Magazin.

Philanthropy thrives on relationships: no matter if you’re a one-person shop fundraiser, board member, beneficiary, digital fundraiser, philanthropist, volunteer, foundation, major gift officer, or legacy marketer, we all exist interconnected through a web of relationships because ‘people give to people’. Now, learn how to make that simple truth work for you and your cause.

Some of the sessions will focus on harnessing inspiration, fostering equity, breaking down silos, building trust, empathy-led experiences, virtual relationships, and so much more. There will be surprises, bonuses, and sharing!

Join leaders, fundraisers, and experts from New Zealand, Austria, India, Zimbabwe, USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, UK for global conversations about the future of relationship fundraising.

The summit streams live worldwide on Wednesday 28 October. Choose your priorities on the day, but as it’s a virtual event you can come back later and access any presentations you missed. So, you don’t need to miss anything!

Among the confirmed presenters are Tycely Williams, Ken Burnett, Simone Joyaux, Dr. Jen Shang, Michelle Muri & Vu Le, John Lepp & Jen Love, Naimah Bilal, Lauren Jones, Michelle Berriman, Beth Ann Locke, Ligia Peña, Jay Love, Jeff Schreifels & Richard Perry, Bill Littlejohn, Fungai Mettler, Dan Shephard, Lea Moliterni, Amy Eisenstein, Ingrid Gerstbach, Thomas Avila, Jennifer Loeb, Adrienne Taylor, Nancy Buffington, Laura Tully, Nneka Allen, Birgit Smith Burton, Elizabeth Ralston, and Dominique Calixte.