How to find diverse talent


Watch Martha Awojobi and Dana Segal, curators of the inaugural BAME Fundraising Conference & Arts Summit hosted by Fundraising Everywhere, discuss diversity in conferences and events.

As organisers of the most diverse speakers seen in the charity sector, just how did they do it and what can we learn?

With lessons that can be applied to recruitment, training, and leadership you will learn:

  • How to proactively find talent beyond your immediate networks
  • What groups and activities exist beyond the obvious
  • How to support new voices to feel confident

The event was hosted by co-founder of Fundraising Everywhere, Nikki Bell.


This session is sponsored by Fundraising Jobs.

Fundraising Jobs was set up to level the playing field so that all charities are given the same exposure on the job board at the same fair price – no need for paid enhancements, no discounts for bulk buying. Fundraising Jobs aims to reflect the world we live in and the sector we work in – highly visual, inspiring, engaging and ultimately world-changing.

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