Session Information

November 17th 2020 – #FundraisingEverywhere

Amplifying voices
Tiger De Souza, National Trust

Through this session Tiger will share the work the National Trust is doing in relation to both Inclusion and Volunteering to amplify voices and respond to shifts in mindset and behaviour.

Coming together (virtually) to move forwards
Nina Ziaullah, Alzheimer’s Research UK

November is all about reconnection at Alzheimer’s Research UK! We are now back

together after almost half of our employees had been on furlough or part-time furlough leave since May. This session shares how we’ve brought people together and the lessons we’ve learnt on sharing content, working across teams and hosting our first virtual away day.

Putting beneficiaries first: virtual events
Tony Banks, Stroke Association

Lessons from our award winning virtual webinar series for people affected by stroke.

The rise of values-first fundraising
Martha Awojobi, JMB
Eshe Kiama Zuri, UK Mutual Aid
Ruby Bayley-Pratt, Bloody Good Period

To follow…

How compliant was post-lockdown F2F fundraising?
Sam Hollyman, Green Light Sites

A brief analysis on how compliant fundraising was regarding COVID-19 safety measures, and how this second can help organisations return safely and confidently after the this lockdown.

Joshua Leigh, Ecosia

*But it’s not all bad news. We’ll scope out what the purpose-led landscape looks like today, and how non-profits can make sure they don’t get left behind.

#ShowTheSalary – what’s next
Special guest, #ShowTheSalary

To follow…

#BAMEOnline – What has changed?
Martha Awojobi, JMB
Rini Jones, Hospice UK

After what feels like 10 years since #BAMEOnline (it has been four months), curator Martha Awojobi catches up with two speakers from the conference to discuss whether anything has really changed since #BAMEOnline.

  • Have funders prioritised BAME led orgs?
  • Have Black fundraisers seen any action after their organisations BLM statements?
  • Have BAME led orgs been innovating?
  • Are the myths about fundraising from communities of colour still the same?
Fundraise like political parties – digital campaigning and fundraising
Whitney Brown, Public Outreach

In this session, Whitney Brown reviews the methods of fundraising and campaigning of US and Canadian political parties to uncover how charities can build community and connection, and raise money for causes that bring people together.

The Virtual Fundraising Monitor
John Tasker, Massive

Sharing the lessons we can learn from Massive’s latest research and analysis of over 150 virtual fundraising events. To understand what has driven success from virtual fundraising during the first 9 months of COVID based living and what they can tell us about the year ahead.

The Power of Facebook Challenge Events
Jill O’Herlihy, GivePanel

In this session Jill will show you just how powerful a fundraising tool Facebook Challenge Events can be. With examples from non-profits who are doing it really well, you will leave feeling motivated to bring this opportunity to your next team meeting!

How donor behaviour has changed during COVID-19
Chester Mojay-Sinclare, Enthuse
Angela Richmond, RedFox Research

In this session, Enthuse will exclusively unveil its Donor Pulse Winter Edition. This quarterly study has tracked the public’s behaviour and attitudes to giving throughout the crisis.

Tune in for more reasons to be cheerful as we round off 2020. Learn:

The key audiences to engage to grow your income;

How to harness giving trends during the crisis;

Why brand differentiation is your secret weapon and how to nail it.

Collaborating with tech
Joe Freeman, Healthcare

I helped set up a free map to collate all the locations offering free school meals for children during October half term. This is a tale of how an impromptu lunchtime idea escalated into something great, and the important lessons you can learn from it.

Quadrupled income in community and events. What’s to come next and how to plan
Gabi Field, Refuge

In March 2020, our community and events programme was at risk of collapse. With a 75% growth in income over the past two years, we had to be agile, quick and innovative to keep the income driving up. In this session, you will hear how to drive change at director level, listen to your supporters and get their help in a crisis, think differently about your current programme and learn to say no.

Taking Stonehenge global with Facebook
Martin Jefferies, English Heritage

How English Heritage raised £40,000+ and kept Summer Soltice alive by using a camera, wifi, and Facebook Fundraising.

Four day week: how to make it work for you
Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, Author and Lesley Pinder, British Red Cross

Join Lesley and Alex for a Q&A about how you can work more by doing less – taking inspiration from Alex’s book’s Rest and Shorter.

They discuss:

Does working less but doing more mean lower pay?

How do you get teams onboard?

How can you do more by working less?

Getting back to basics
Nicole Collins-Puri, CEO
Techbridge Girls

Holding on to your fundraising strategies and best practices in a time of uncertainty is critical.  As we all try to identify new resources, find funding for programs that need to shift on the fly and keep the lights on, we often lose sight of the fundamental practices that make our fundraising effective. This session will remind you of three basic strategies that will get your through the final push of 2020 and set you up for success as we plunge into 2021.

Text Opportunities in a Socially Distanced World
Bradley French, Donr

Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has cast a dark cloud over the charity sector, a thin silver lining has been the innovative and exciting fundraising campaigns that charities have developed. At Donr, we’ve seen some incredible fundraising

campaigns over the past few months; West End performances broadcast to people’s homes, Premier League legends doing keepy ups to raise funds for hospice care and text giving becoming a cash alternative in a socially distanced world.

In this talk, we’ll be joined by some fantastic charities to celebrate some wonderful

success stories. We hope that we will inform and inspire you with ideas that you can replicate in your own fundraising.

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: Marie Curie’s Covid Emergency Appeal
Meredith Niles, Marie Curie
Michelle, Marie Curie

In March 2020, all of Marie Curie’s rainy days arrived at once.  The team mobilised to deliver its first-ever emergency appeal, a multi-channel effort turned around in days that surpassed all expectations.  Meredith and Michelle will share key learnings, with a particular focus on the DM component of the appeal.

Managing content with little time
Rachel Bearbower, Small Shop Strategies

How do you create content with little time? In just 15 minutes, I’ll share the strategies and systems I’ve developed to optimize my own productivity. We’ll cover mindset tips, workflow strategies, and how to create your plan for the next 30 days.

Join this session if you want to:

  • Cut down on decision fatigue
  • Free up mental space!!
  • Set up systems and streamline workflows
  • Raise more $$$

Consistency builds trust and trust is part of cultivating your donors and potential donors, but consistency takes a plan! This session is designed to help you start immediately planning your content, write compelling stories and show up consistently for your donors. Especially right now, as you head into your year-end giving campaigns.

Digital mobilisation during Covid-19
Alex Lloyd-Hunter, Forward Action

In this session, we’ll cover the strategy and techniques to rapidly build a successful email fundraising programme and what other organisations can learn from them.

In particular, we’ll focus on:

  • Why the old silos of “campaigners” and “fundraisers” don’t exist in a successful digital mobilisation programme
  • Doing email fundraising well, including lessons on email volume and structuring supporter journeys, perfecting a digital-first test-and-learn approach, and writing effective fundraising email copy
  • Donation technology optimisations that have substantially increased income
  • How to replicate Reprieve’s Facebook ad > handraiser > email funnel, which is raising £3.50 – £6.50 within a month for every £1 spent
The future of individual giving
Alex Srivastava, Open

The next decade will hold some major shifts in how our society deals with money.

  • Will we become a cashless society?
  • How will donors choose to spend their spare cash and how do they want to do this?
  • Will covid speed up the increasingly digital-first preferences of today’s donors?

In this free webinar we’ll be sharing the giving trends that you need to be aware of for the future of spending in the next 5-10 years.

Using a range of commercial and charity sources, we’ve researched the trends so you don’t have to; helping your fundraising programmes keep pace with public expectation and not get left in the past.

You’ll learn:

  •  What the pertinent trends for individual giving that we can see right now
  •  What changes we can expect in the next 5-10 years
  • How we can use existing fundraising know how

to meet donor needs

Building collective power
Fezzan Ahmed, Kemar Walford, Camille St-Omer Donaldson

Featured in 2020’s successful #BAMEOnline, re-watch this panel discussion on building collective power; how fundraisers of colour and allies can build authentic networks to elevate talent and create equitable opportunities.

We will be covering:

  • How we can use BAME networks to mobilise
  • How you can support BAME members of staff
  • How you can build power
Taking action
Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, Women in Leadership

Racist thoughts, intentions, and actions are widespread in the sector. It’s not just about diversity in our workforce, it’s about our ability to deliver the impact we promise. We are falling behind others, when as a sector we should be taking the lead.

This isn’t new information but too often we feel frozen to act.

Dr Shola will explain why it is time for a conscious revolution through social mobilisation and political participation. Multiple representations today demand visibility on policies and decisions that can negatively impact their quality of life and choice.

Be it race, gender, sexuality, faith or other protected characteristics. Charities need to visibly intersect inequalities within their organisation and externally in the wider communities through mobilisation & participation.

Are fundraising events over?
Helen Alderson, consultant

Covid-19 has put an end to events as we know it for the foreseeable future, but are fundraising events completely over, and how could they look post-pandemic?

Join Helen for this session to discover how you can prioritise event activity, do more with what you have, and plan for physical fundraising events for when the world makes sense again.

Ethical copywriting and imagery
Priya Changela, Disasters Emergency Committee
Kristie Lockhart, consultant

Donor-centric fundraising can reinforce ideas of white saviourism.

How can we tell stories that don’t increase systemic inequality?

We look back at the #BAMEOnline popular session which teaches fundraisers how to promote diversity in all of our projects and tell stories with beneficiaries.

The year in review
Nikki & Simon, Fundraising Everywhere

Throughout the conference we’ll be sharing our highlights and reflections on 2020 and what it’s taught us about the future of fundraising.