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Opening Remarks and Land Acknowledgement

Alana Robert

Why We need a National Day of Conversation: Setting Context for the Day

Dr Donna Kotsopoulos (host), Wendy Cukier, Tycely Williams, and Shelley Uvanille-Hesch

“Whatever it Takes”: Ohio State University Research into the Sexual Exploitation of Fundraisers

Shanaaz Gokool (host); Dr. Erynn Beaton; Dr. Megan LePere-Schloop

Bridging the Gap: Building Resources for Prevention of Sexualized Violence in Canada

Kathleen Adams (host); Lucrezia Spagnolo; Kate Cornell

How Gender-Based Violence Disproportionately Affects Indigenous Communities

Dr. Carrie Bourassa

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit: How We All Play a Role

Alana Robert

What it Means to be an Ally: Panel Discussion

Sarah Lyon (host); Brent Barootes, Todd Minerson, Chief Cadmus Delorme, Jake Stika

Using Restorative Justice in the Workplace

Sarah May (Host); Nermin Karim; Gola Taraschi-Carr; Barbie Liss; Leah Martin

By-Stander Intervention (Power Session)

Sara Forte; Susan Lomas

Donor Dominance: How Donors Exert Influence on Organizations

Heather Hill

Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour from Donors and Volunteers

Peggy Killeen

Call To Action: How Do We Protect Our Own?

Liz LeClair (host); Paulette Senior; Sandra Hawken; Joanne Bernard

Safe Workspaces

Arlene Dedier and Ron Kelusky

What it’s Like to be A Survivor of Sexualized Violence

Dr. Kelli Palfy (host); Greg Gilhooly

How NDAs Can Silence Victims of Workplace Harassment

Robyn Doolittle/Trisha Perry/Shanaaz Gokool

#AidToo: Experiencing Sexualized Violence in International Aid

Cindy Wagman (host); Aakhil Lakhani

Women in Sports and Sport Philanthropy – Misogyny and Sports Culture

Adrienne Power (host); Leanne Nicolle; Lee Anna Osei; Samantha Rogers

What a Workplace Investigation Looks Like

Stuart Rudner

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