Facebook Fundraising Made Easy

with Jill O’Herlihy (@jilloherlihy)

Questions & Answers from the live broadcast

I have a question please, how does the limited data you can obtain from Facebook fit in with GDPR? Our GDPR Officer has said that Facebook is the Data Controller so even if we do receive email addresses or postal addresses, we can’t contact them to thank?

You’ll see later we thank them directly on their page… and invite them to then sign to our newsletter – on their page, and they opt in this way.

What did you find out about why people chose you for their fundraiser?

some really great stories. All personal and mostly because they or their family have been effected by mental health challenges. I go back and ask them if I can use them on social and newsletters sometimes too and I feel it connects me more with my supporters and them to me too!

Are there plans to integrate it with Raiser’s Edge do you know? It looks great! Much easier than a spreadsheet

I’m not sure but it’s one of the big CRMs so I’d hope so! I’ve worked without any support tools on facebook fundraising for two years so you don’t need any other platforms to do this perfectly and properly!!

We are a small charity and our budgets are very tight (just like everyone else’s!) Give panel sounds brilliant and like a real time saver. This early on though I think it would be difficult to pitch to upper management! How much of a difference in terms of income have you found it makes?

We are very new to using GivePanel… like just a month!! So can’t tell yet. i think it will yeild the same return if I’m honest. The bonus for me was getting to thank everyone and not just those who hit €50. Its so easy to do what I did, you just need to carve out the time or get an intern to support you one day a week

Just a tip for anyone still using a spreadsheet and not GivePanel (we’re a smaller charity so at the moment are not investing in this yet). If you want to find fundraising pages under £50/ euros you can do this each week by running a multi-day transaction report and the file will pull up all donations from that week so you can find links even to smaller pages where maybe there’s only one donation so far. Comparing this with your spreadsheet you can then find any new pages that week which don’t appear on your “Fundraisers” section on Facebook