A virtual fundraising conference for fundraisers everywhere.

Join us on November 19th 2019 for an online fundraising conference. Key fundraising topics, speakers from across the world, and over twelve hours of fundraising content without leaving your home or office.

And don’t worry if you miss the live show…you’ll be able to download everything afterwards to watch in your own time!

Sessions & Speakers include:

“What is Behavioural Economics and What Do I Need To Know About It?” – Dana Kohava Segal

How To Supercharge Your Charity Newsletter – Mark Phillips

A Fundraiser’s Guide To Recruiting Regular Giving Donors Using Digital Video – Saleem Tejani

Recruiting Volunteers & Fundraisers – Aaron Hearne

The Importance of Conversations in Fundraising – Camille St. Omer Donaldson

Sustainability in Events – Kenneth Foreman

Making The Most of Your Google Ads – Jean O’Brien

Engaging Your Board – Gail Perry

Crucial Steps to Raising More 5, 6 and 7-figure Donations (at any size shop!) – Emma Lewzey

How to Break Free of Boring Fundraising Appeals…Forever! Your 45-minute Copywriting Cure – Lisa Sargent

Crafting A Press Release – Howard Lake

The Early Stages of Product Development – Louise Lai

Outstanding Corporate Fundraising – Ben Swart

How to Build and Embrace an Awesome Legacy Pipeline – Ligia Pena

“Is There Enough Gas In Your Tank?” – Kishshana Palmer

Double your Income from Facebook Fundraising with a little innovation & zero budget – Nick Burne

Developing Your Fundraising Strategy – Maeve Strathy

Gathering Stories & Content – Jen Love

Using ‘Ugly’ Design to Win Donors’ Hearts – John Lepp

Better Supporter Experience – Lesley Pinder

Digital Trends – Beth Kanter

Communicating Like a Human – Steven Shattuck

Major Donors – Ben Case

Getting Started With Your Community Fundraising Plan – Nikki Bell

Growing Your Mailing List – Simon Scriver