Mary Gamble

Fundraising Everywhere Festival

Mary Gamble
Barnardos Ireland

How to Slow Down the Revolving Door – 6 Top Tips for Fundraiser Retention

My session kicks off with a communication lesson that was delivered to me by an 11 year girl that taught me humility and the importance of keeping it real. I’ll go on to share some tips and practical advice that leaders working in all types and sizes of charities can use to slow down that revolving door of fundraiser recruitment.

You should never be able to stop it but you can definitely slow it down.

Topics (with real life examples) will cover:

  • The importance of honest communication
  • Championing fundraising across your organisation
  • Developing your fundraisers
  • Fundraising burnout
  • Knowing when its time to say Goodbye
  • Communicating with your team through the Coronavirus crisis

Mary has been a Director of Fundraising with Ireland’s largest children’s charity for over five years and began her fundraising career as a face to face fundraiser in London twenty years ago. Since then she has worked in organisations across the UK and Ireland and has developed many successful fundraising teams under her leadership. Currently studying for her Masters in Ethics she is passionate about elevating the fundraising profession and celebrating the amazing contribution that fundraisers make to causes across the world.