Madeleine Cassidy

Fundraising Everywhere Festival

Madeleine Cassidy
CEO of Bobath Centre
Vice Chair of Small Charities Coalition

How To Run A Small Charity Effectively

Imagine joining a small charity as a CEO, with just one other staff member on board, that has only 3 months’ reserves in the bank? You’re not given an induction, a computer or phone. The board’s in chaos and there’s no strategy plan or decent fundraising in place. This is the context that greeted me when I joined the small charity sector. But I do believe small charities are beautiful and support those in great need in our local communities. My session draws from these early experiences and I will share how I expanding the charity’s income from a turnover of £30k to £350k pa. I will discuss the approach I took to growing the charity and provide tips about how to run a small charity effectively.

Madeleine Cassidy is CEO of the Bobath Centre, that supports children and adults with cerebral palsy. Much of Madeleine’s career has been spent within charities that support children or people with disabilities and she served as CEO of the Brazelton Centre and other charities for over 16 years. She has a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing and Masters Degree in Voluntary Sector Management. Madeleine is very passionate about small charities. She established a consultancy named “Charities in Focus” to specifically support small charities and community groups. Her background lies in Brand Marketing as Senior Marketing Manager for national brands.