Liz Chornenki

Fundraising Everywhere Festival

Liz Chornenki
YWCA Toronto

Fundraising and Ableism

How does your organization deal with disability? Even if you’re not a disability or health charity, there are things you should know about ableism and where it appears in fundraising. This session will cover Disabled people as staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and donors- how can we include the community in all of these roles? We’ll also discuss how the way we write about beneficiaries affects not just the individual, but society as a whole.

Liz is a fundraiser by chance and by choice. A graduate of the Humber College Fundraising Program, she has been involved in charities and non-profits for her entire life, as front line staff, volunteer, fundraiser, and poster child. She has spoken several times on Fundraising and Disability, across conferences and podcasts alike. As an annual giving officer, Liz is experienced in writing for fundraising and stewardship, which is always influenced by a social justice and disability focused lens.