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Leah Eustace
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15 Donor Brain Hacks in 15 Minutes

Did you know that our subconscious makes the decision to give about six seconds before we’re consciously aware of it? With that being the case, it’s critical that we as fundraisers understand the factors that can influence the outcome of those six seconds.

Knowing some of the basic principles of donor and philanthropic psychology and how these influence decision-making can help fundraisers shape their donor communications to ensure messages and stories really make an impact and elicit a response.

In this session, Leah will share the top 15 things she’s learned about donors’ brains. You’ll finish this session knowing how this knowledge can immediately be used to drive higher revenue and greater loyalty.

For almost 30 years, Leah has been fascinated by the science of philanthropy. Currently a consultant specializing in fundraising communications, she has helped clients all over the world form deep connections with their donors. Over the years, Leah has used principles of philanthropic psychology and neuroscience to raise more money and increase donor loyalty. Join her as she shares her top 15 list of things you need to know about how donor brains work