Helen Alderson

Fundraising Everywhere Festival

Helen Alderson

Fundraising Events Post COVID-19

We all know that organised events have taken one hell of a hit this year, resulting in the rug being pulled from underneath our feet in regards to planned income. But how do we fix this? And how can we rescue that income?

In this session Helen will discuss a number of methods to retain participants and plug those gaps in income over the next few weeks and months. She will also share her thoughts and ideas on how our “new normal” could prove to be an incredible opportunity for the third sector to make smart, effective, donor-based decisions in order to maximise event income post-pandemic.

Helen has over ten years’ experience working within fundraising. She begun her career as a door to door fundraiser and immediately fell in love with the third sector. Over the years she has worked with a number of local and national charities across a range of income streams, including events, community and individual giving. Now, as an “accidental freelancer”, Helen works with a range of charities to support them to maximise their supporter engagement, retention and income.