Aaron Hearne

Fundraising Everywhere Festival

Aaron Hearne
Founder of The Liam Charity


#ForLiam #ForEveryChildhood

Aaron’s session is centred around a supporters ‘why’ and the motivations beyond the charity itself. He will speak about his own journey into fundraising, how this has had a profound impact on his life and those around him. Within this session Aaron will cover the organic growth of The Liam Charity support base as well as what his Community Fundraiser did for him to make his journey as special as it has been.

Aaron is a volunteer fundraiser and advocate for the NSPCC Childline service and have been so for the past 8 years. He created The Liam Charity as a personal tribute to his younger brother which organically turned into a Fundraising Group – raising £235,000 to date. Whilst not fundraising for them, Aaron spends a lot of my time sharing the cause within his local community, especially schools where he has his own assembly plan addressing the issues of speaking out and treating others with respect.

Aaron is currently working at the Royal British Legion as the Community Fundraising Manager for team London.