“We could not think of a better partner for our first-ever online festival, #SheInspiresMe LIVE 2,0, than the Fundraising Everywhere. Simon, Nikki and Fiona were wonderful to work with – consummate professionals who also made the process as enjoyable as possible! They answered every question (and there were many), helped us feel prepared with technical dress rehearsals, and were absolute stars in ensuring that our 430+ virtual guests had a wonderful experience on the day. Our feedback survey showed that 100% of our guests were satisfied with the event and would come to another one in the future – a lot of the credit goes to the Fundraising Everywhere team in making the day such a success! Thank you so much again for always going above and beyond – highly recommend!”


“Fundraising Everywhere was the foundation of Charity Film Awards’ successful pivot to virtual.

The team understood our objectives and the technology was always supportive never obtrusive.

The process was smooth, totally professional and we had confidence throughout in the platform and the team.

Looking forward to the next collaboration.”


“I’ve done a few conferences in my time but this one seemed to me to be among the most delightful. It just appeared to work, on all sorts of levels. In each time zone the atmosphere was warm, enthusiastic and supportive and the hosts were great. The technology worked (how many times has my slide carousel jammed, overheads been scratched or the ink run out on the f**ing flipchart?). The scope, subject and substance of the Summit was truly ambitious and entirely welcome, even overdue, so thank you so very much to you and your colleagues for having the vision and the courage to make it happen. It was a real privilege to be a part of it.”


“We loved the virtual panel format and that’s something we’ve taken away as a key learning… It was a really lovely way to be more ‘human’ / show more faces from the team and talk openly about what happened. I personally enjoyed working with you and I felt the event was slick and well-organised. Quite often when we sponsor things, we have to chase organisers so hard to get the value out of it, but you were proactive and helpful which was refreshing. All the social media shout-outs and acknowledgments on the live stream were great!”


Virtual Experiences

Conferences, fundraisers, networking and much more…

Access Anywhere

Speakers and attendees can join from any device.

Live or Pre-Recorded

Or mixed! Limitless edits between the two.

Breakout Rooms

Unhosted spaces for attendees to video chat.

The Chatbox

Attendees can ask questions and interact.

Networking Spaces

Attendees can video chat with each other at their convenience.

Live Captioning

Instant subtitles with 99% accuracy.

Translated Subtitles

Reach an overseas audience in any language.


Integrate your donate, buy or subscribe buttons.

Audience Participation

Bring them onstage, run live polls and more.

Evergreen Content

Repackage your recordings to reuse or rebroadcast.

Bonus Downloads

Put unlimited extras in their delegate bag!

More Sponsor Opportunities

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Sales Opportunities

Market your own products, services and future events.

Hosts Can Interact

Host it yourself or we can help.

Audio Recordings

Convert audio in to podcast content.

Speaker Support

We can help source, coach and prep speakers.

Ticket Sales

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No Limit Of Viewers

Don’t be held back by limited size meeting spaces.

Stream to Anywhere

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We use it!

For our own conferences, training and events!

No Knowledge Required

We worry about the tech so you don’t have to.

JustGiving Widgets

Show live fundraising targets and prompt donations!

What Else Would You Like To See?

Have a feature idea? Let’s make it happen!

“ACEVO used the FE+ platform for a two hour seminar featuring two hosts and four speakers all participating remotely.

The platform was really easy to use for all concerned. The technology not only enabled us to connect our audience with some great speakers but also allowed really good engagement between those watching and those participating. Highly recommended.”


“Nikki is awesome! We clicked immediately when I dropped a seemingly impossible task to deliver a virtual event within two weeks and her ‘can do’ attitude and experience shone through.

The project was on time, on budget and exceeded expectations.

Nikki’s professional network is as impactful as her positive nature, and I hope to continue our relationship for sometime to come.”


“Having just completed our first full day conference facilitated by Fundraising Everywhere , I can confidently say there is no way we could have pulled it off without the support and expertise of Simon Scriver and his team.

We have been presenting ‘physical’ conferences for 14 years, but the circumstances brought about by COVID-19 forced us to make some quick decisions and pivot our forthcoming conference in 5 weeks. The decision to go with FE was an easy one because of two main things 1) FE’s reputation and expertise in presenting ‘virtual’ conferences for over 12 months made them ahead of the curve and 2) FE’s knowledge and understanding of the fundraising and nonprofit sector.

With us being complete novices in the ‘virtual’ format, Simon Scriver was a constant source of support and advice – at all times of the day & night! The time difference between Australia & Ireland added its own challenges, but Simon was always obliging and quick to respond. His calm, unflappable nature, during what were times of high stress for us at F&P – was reassuring and admirable. On the broadcast day both Simon & Nikki kept us on track and helped us deliver a result, that for us seemed nothing short of a miracle! Thank you.

What better recommendation could there be than the fact that we have re-engaged the services of Fundraising Everywhere to present our next conference in June!”