#ArtsSummit 2020 Full Programme
Defining The New Normal
#ArtsSummit September 2021

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In Memory of Emma Goad

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Stress Ball from Some Business

It wouldn’t be a conference without some junk in your delegate bag.

Bonus Resources

Wellbeing Challenges For Arts & Cultural Fundraisers

Bonus webinar from Claire Warner

Behind The Scenes at the Fundraising Museum

To accompany this event’s virtual museum, as curated by Derek Humphries.

The Power of Stories

Bonus guide

Mindspace – Helping Supporters Choose

Putting the science in to cultural fundraising

EASIEST – Digital Book

Applying Behavioural Economics to Your Cause

Introduction to Decision Science

Putting the Science in to Arts Fundraising

Cultural Sector Fundraising and COVID-19

Blog from Dan Fletcher, Moore Kingston Smith Fundraising

Fundraising Successfully

With Moore Kingston Smith Fundraising

Impactful fundraising – raising more money by understanding your impact

Bonus Webinar from Moore Kingston Smith Fundraising

After the Interval (Full results) Findings At A Glance


Act 2 (Full results) Findings At A Glance


Working With Good CRM

Watch Back

(Available After Event)

Funding Inclusion

Kate Larsen

Individual Giving In Lockdown

Margaret Clift

Co-existing With COVID-19

Usha Menon

How We Raised £1.5m…

Daria Bushinskaia

Making the Case For Heritage

Caroline Crewe Reed

Making Your Proposal Stand Out

David Burgess

19 Principles of Creative Fundraising

Derek Humphries

What Does a Strategy Look Like…

Dan Fletcher

Learnings From Notre Dame

Frederic Fournier

Supporting Artists in Brazil During COVID-19

Fabricio Mendes

Raising Capital Funds in Challenging Times

Anna Vaughan

Virtual Fundraising Events: A New Era

Amy Ramnarine

10 Ways To Start A Legacy Programme

Ligia Pena

Principles of Creative Storytelling

Agents of Good

The Elephant In The Room: Why Don’t Donors Value The Arts?

Bernard Ross, Usha Menon, Fran Sanderson, Paul Ramsbottom, Fiona Menzies

The Future of Grantmaking in a Post-COVID World

Emma Goad, Menaka Rodriguez, Fozia Irfan, Alison Holdom

The Future of Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy in a Post-COVID World

Rob Shaw, Stephen Rogan, Khadeen O’Donnell, Martha Awojobi, Mauro Melgrati

Female Leadership: The Way Forward For Arts Fundraising?

Dana Kohava Segal, Marjorie Chan, Odile Tevie, Deborah Myers, Ana Pinto Goncalves

Are Our Futures Different?

Cherian Koshy, Michelle Stein, Katy Raines, Vanessa Moss, Mo Onstad

Emerging Stronger: Perspectives From US Cultural Leaders

Jeff Jowdy, Rachel Malkenhorst, James Abruzzo, Jennifer Turner

Turning #BlackLivesMatter Statements Into Action

Zak Mensah

Workshopping Solutions and Ways Forward

Marina Jones, Tarek Iskander, Shaun Newport, Paul Heckler, Alix Wooding

The emcees

Awards for excellence in fundraising