Vanessa Moss

Arts, Cultural & Heritage Fundraising Virtual Summit 2020

Vanessa Moss
Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery

Head of Development at Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA).

Working to support artists and their creative ambitions has always been at the foundation of my working life. For two decades I’ve been producing creative projects and initiatives that bring people together and raise vital funds for positive social change; from art sales and awards ceremonies to concerts and fundraising campaigns.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most celebrated artists, creatives and political figures and strive to bring a level of excellence and expectation to my work on a daily basis.

After the interval: are our futures different?

The pandemic has affected different parts of our sector in different ways. Some of us will be welcoming back audiences sooner rather than later. Some of us have already managed to pivot our activities online.How will this affect the fundraising activities and strategies of different parts of our sector? Join a panel of experts from across the world to explore key findings from the ‘After The Interval’ research, and see how your part of our ecosystem might be affected longer term