Usha Menon

Arts, Cultural & Heritage Fundraising Virtual Summit 2020

Usha Menon
Usha Menon Consultancy

Usha Menon is Founder of Usha Menon Management Consultancy, specialising in non-profit leadership, governance and fundraising. She works exclusively with nonprofits including INGOs, UN agencies, think-tanks, social enterprises, regional and local charities in the education, health, arts and social services sectors across Asia. Usha brings a wealth of multi-sector experience, expertise and insights garnered over 32 years of shaping the world through social impact organisations.

PANEL: The Elephant in the Room: why don’t donors value the arts?

In the list of causes supported by donors, arts, culture and heritage causes tend to consistently rank at the bottom. What is stopping us from articulating our value? And how can we express it better in a post-corona virus world? This panel discussion will bring experts from across the world for a lively debate about the value of the arts, and the ways in which we can communicate it to donors. 

SESSION: Co-existing with COVID-19

It took a virus to get us to deep-dive into digital fundraising. What are the behaviour changes that help or hinder us from conducting effective online fundraising, and what capabilities do we need to develop to thrive in the new normal and beyond? Expect lots of relevant examples from the arts and beyond to help you navigate online fundraising.