Martha Awojobi

Arts, Cultural & Heritage Fundraising Virtual Summit 2020

Martha Awojobi
Refuge / Freelance

Martha is a Fundraising Consultant specialising in Corporate Partnerships and is an organiser at #CharitySoWhite. She has worked in fundraising roles for almost ten years in roles at Refuge, WLM, RHMC. Martha has written for Civil Society and her blog about recruiting more black and brown fundraisers was used to launch the Institute of Fundraising’s recruitment guide at the 2020 Fundraising Convention. She is passionate about social justice, anti-racism, inclusive workplaces and lifting weights.  

Future of Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy in a post-covid world

As the business world changes and evolves after coronavirus, how might corporate partnerships and philanthropy between business and the arts, cultural and heritage sector evolve or change? Our global panel of experts will draw on decades of experience and insight from both the arts and the corporate perspective to share their predictions, and tell you what you need to consider when developing your corporate fundraising going forward.