Bernard Ross

Arts, Cultural & Heritage Fundraising Virtual Summit 2020

Bernard Ross
Mc Consulting

Bernard Ross is Director of The National Arts Fundraising School. For over 20 years, he has acted as a fundraising consultant to a wide range of bodies in the arts and cultural world, including Scottish Opera, BFI and Southbank Centre. He regularly consults on major fundraising projects for leading organisations such as UNICEF, NSPCC and Cancer Research UK.

He has written six best selling books on fundraising including The Influential Fundraiser– listed as one of the top five non-profit books by New York Times Online.

PANEL: The Elephant in the Room: why don’t donors value the arts?

In the list of causes supported by donors, arts, culture and heritage causes tend to consistently rank at the bottom. What is stopping us from articulating our value? And how can we express it better in a post-coronavirus world? This panel discussion will bring experts from across the world for a lively debate about the value of the arts, and the ways in which we can communicate it to donors.