Shoni Field

Individual Giving Virtual Summit

Shoni Field
Shoni Field

Shoni Field is the Chief Development Officer at the British Columbia SPCA. She runs a full spectrum fundraising program raising more than $30 million annually. Shoni has been direct response fundraising for more than 23 years for a range of causes including environmental, youth, health and development organizations.  When not fundraising, Shoni advocates for electoral reform and citizen engagement, plays strategy games and bakes fancy cakes.

Digital growth during an emergency – pandemic edition

Emergencies provide your biggest digital learning moments. At the BC SPCA the core principles behind their successful digital program all originated during a crisis. And, their biggest digital growth spurts have also come during emergencies. Shoni Field will use BC SPCA emergency case studies to illustrate ten key components of a successful crisis digital fundraising strategy. And, since successful crisis fundraising shouldn’t be about reinventing yourself but simply an exaggeration of your existing strengths, with space left to iterate and incorporate new learnings, she’ll talk about using periods of rapid change to build a solid digital foundation for use in good times and bad.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Pivoting as a digital lifestyle – know how to adapt planning and timelines when things are changing at lightspeed.
  • Managing risk – understand how to use testing, metrics and benchmarks to inform your decision making.
  • Aiming for expansion – plan to achieve and manage digital growth during a crisis