Jonathon Grapsas

Individual Giving Virtual Summit

Jonathon Grapsas
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No face to face program? No worries. How to tackle big, social problems and recruit thousands of monthly givers at the same time.

For more than 20 years, growing regular, monthly giving programs In most developed fundraising countries has been face to face or bust. Whilst it may still finds its place perched at the top of the tree, sadly the events of the past few months have thrown wide open the monthly giving recruitment market.

The sleeping giant isn’t generating leads from online surveys or creating faux pledges to support.

So, what is?

What if you could recruit thousands of monthly supporters, and at the same time offer information to people that could save their life?

Organisations of different shapes and sizes – but all with something of value to offer members of the public, are finding an alternative to what was once the panacea of monthly giving.

Find out what sunscreen stickers, breast cancer guides and pet safety kits all have in common. Hint: they’ve unearthed huge growth in regular givers for Aussie charities.

This is a warts and all look at how creative fundraising teams have bucked the trend and grown their regular giving programs without canvassing on the street.

A fireside chat: how to get what you need from your fundraising agency (and still like each other)

Claire and Jono have worked together across two organisations, over five years, and in multiple ways. From working together full service to picking who does which bit of a job, they’ve been through it all together. Laughs, a few tears and some great results.

So grab a glass of wine, or a cup of tea, and listen to two fundraisers talk about what true partnership means, how to ensure you get the best for your charity and how bumpy roads can lead to green pastures.